Palmetto Bay Sunrise Cafe

Contact Information:
Palmetto Bay Marina | Hilton Head Island
843.686.3232 |

Whether you are an early riser or late riser, this much is sure: Palmetto Bay Sunrise Café is a good way to start your day. With a friendly slogan “Breakfast Served All Day,” the choices are hard to top, “eggs all ways,” hash browns, fresh grits and deliciously generous pancakes, not to mention a whole section reserved for eggs Benedict.

Open every day but Tuesday from 6 a.m. to 3 p.m., with delicious food, efficient service and a ‘feel good’ vibe, Sunrise Café has a loyal local following. Located in Palmetto Bay Marina, owners Leslie and Paul (a.k.a. “Stew”) Stewart, serve many a happy customer in the comfortably casual space, with counter seats, table seating, over-sized booths and outdoor dining on the deck. Tucked in the side corner of the Marina shops, space heaters and clear awnings warm the space while sunshine and blankets stave off the morning chill, with hands warmed by coffee and hot cocoa. The friendly, long-time servers, Debbie, Andrea, Linda, Maria and Karen seem to know everyone and what they need. It’s a fun spot with lots of action as customers come and go—great for people watching.