August 2008

Contact Us…if you dare!


Publisher/ Editor-in-Chief: Maggie Washo
(aka..Mags, Audience Response Analyst, Complaint Department: Ridgeland Division, Head Cheese)

Phone: 843.689.2658

Contact Maggie If:

  • You have something positive to say about CH2.
  • You want to complain about something you read in CH2.
  • You have a press release.
  • You have a story idea!
  • You are a LOCAL freelance writer and are looking to share your brilliance with wordplay in CH2.
  • You are 6’2”, tall, dark and handsome with bright blue eyes. A passion for fishing is a plus, but not a requirement.

Junior Art Director: Hunter Kostylo (fancy way to spell “Costello” )

Contact Hunter If:

  • You have an event you would like listed in our Monthly Calendar.
  • You want to trade recipes for chocolate chip cookies.
  • You can’t remember who is in that movie.
  • You would like to discuss how attractive Benedict Cumberbatch is.


Contact the Sales Team if:

  • You would like to advertise in CH2 and CB2!
  • You are an existing advertiser and would like to take out a BIGGER ad.
  • You are an existing advertiser and would like to take out a SMALLER ad.
  • You are a head hunter and want to steal the best damn sales staff on this side of the Mason Dixon Line! ( We dare you!)

Kim Crouch

Phone: 843.298.2073

Kandace Wightman

Phone: 843.816.7022

Kaila Manthei

Phone: 843.422.7011

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