January 2019

Salt of the Earth: Pure Salt Studios introduces new concept of wellness

Author: Barry Kaufman

You settle into your chair, soothed already by the low light and gentle crunch of salt on the floor beneath your feet, like traipsing among sand dunes. Gradually, the gentle chimes, the slow-burning glow of lights concealed behind a wall of Himalayan salt and the soft whir of hidden machinery lets you know that your halotherapy has begun. Within minutes, the air fills with billions of minute salt particles, finer than any powder and dispersed through the air. The salt’s legendary healing properties, renowned for centuries, begin to work on you from the inside out, urging air deep in your lungs, opening up your sinuses and gently beautifying your skin.

Dry salt therapy, or halotherapy, is one of the fastest-growing new wellness categories, and Bluffton now has its own place to enjoy all of its rejuvenating benefits.

“This is kind of next-level,” said Lauren Bell who runs Pure Salt Studios along with her parents, Cheryl and Tim. “As you sit in there, you’re inhaling it, and it’s getting through your whole respiratory system. And because salt is super absorbent, it’s soaking up all of the mucus, pollutants and toxins.”

Not only does the therapy give your immune system a boost, the fine grains of salt work themselves all through your sinuses and lungs, reducing the inflammation from cold winter weather and the countless allergens of the pollen-dusted Lowcountry. The salt you don’t breathe in settles on your skin, normalizing your pH levels and giving skin rigidity and vitality.

The Bells became convinced of halotherapy’s efficacy when they witnessed it firsthand. Afflicted with a number of respiratory issues from a chronic cough to COPD, Tim had visited nearly every doctor in New York seeking treatment, with little relief.

“One doctor put me on Albuterol, another said I had sleep apnea, and none of what they were doing helped,” he said.

“We started looking into holistic options, because we got to that point where we were just desperate for something to work,” Lauren said. “We tried halotherapy, and after his first session, he came out and it was the first time he could get a breath in. From that point, he made that a part of his treatment plan.”

When the Bells relocated to the area, they soon found that the closest halotherapy was hundreds of miles away. It wasn’t long before they decided to open Pure Salt Studios. “It was a really great opportunity to bring halotherapy to the Lowcountry and maybe help others who were suffering or looking for another self-care option,” Lauren said.

Since breathing issues can affect anyone and halotherapy is safe for all ages, Pure Salt Studios also offers a kid-friendly therapy room, with activities, games and a fun ocean-themed mural. “The kids go in there and have a great time—they don’t even know they’re getting therapy,” Tim said.

The tranquility of the main therapy room also makes it the perfect place for wellness classes, which Pure Salt Studios hosts regularly. Within the serenity of their Himalayan salt walls, you can enjoy everything from heart-centered energy healing to yoga nidra and kids yoga.

With a little something for mind, body and soul, Pure Salt Studios is proving to be a breath of fresh air. Find out more at www.puresaltstudios.com.

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