Amanda Russ: Renaissance Restauranteur

When I first heard Amanda Russ sing, it wasn’t at her popular Italian restaurant Pomodori. It was at Porter and Pig, and she was performing with her brother/best friend Ben as Finkle and Einhorn. With tattoos that read like vintage lace sleeves on her olive…
Author:Becca Edwards

Scott’s Fish Market: Your Daily Dose of Yum at Shelter Cove Harbour & Marina

In a beach resort community such as Hilton Head Island, where restaurants come and go as predictably as minivans from Ohio, the true test of an eating establishment is its staying power. Now in its twenty-seventh year under the same ownership, Scott’s Fish Market at…
Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Welcome Home from The Blaine Team

Keller Williams realtor Marianne Blaine believes there is a round hole for every round peg, and it is her job to bring the two together. Or rather, it is her passion, and the reason she hits the ground running every day. The 30 year veteran…
Author:Kitty Bartell

A Line in the Sand: Who Would You Vote for?

Barry Kaufman Before I begin on all the reasons why I should be the next president of the United States (and there are many), I’d like to make sure we’ve at least established the proper point of reference. As of this writing, our top scientists have not…
Author:Barry Kaufman & Courtney Hampson

LAVA 24 Fitness: The Complete Health Solution

LAVA 24 Fitness is a full-service health solution for people of all ages and different levels of ability and fitness. “We have members in training now from ages 16 up to 84,” said Ty Bostic, director of fitness and training at LAVA 24. But this is not…
Author:Kent Thune

Around the Lowcountry with Style

Featuring the Interior Designs of: J Banks

Author:Special to CH2

Hudson’s Seafood House on the Docks : Mariculture meets culinary destiny

The die may have been cast when Andrew Carmines entered his fourth grade science fair with a project that studied the connections between oysters and bacteria. The Hilton Head Island native son was born into the seafood business, and with salt water running through his…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Do You Miss Parts of Conversations?

If you have ever had a health challenge, you have probably experienced the frustration of feeling more like a diagnosis than a person. Many health care professionals, while educated and or talented, fail to truly connect with their patients, and often times we leave their…

Hilton Head Christian Academy + Experience Green

Hilton Head Christian Academy is the recent recipient of a $10,000 grant from the Women in Philanthropy Endowment Fund through the Community Foundation of The Lowcountry. The Women in Philanthropy Endowment Fund opened up the grant application process to applicants that captured their 2015 theme, “Protecting…
Author:Special to CH2

Top Ten Fall Garden Center Favorites at The Greenery

If you step outside early in the morning or sometime after dusk, you can start to feel the change in the air. The dog days of summer with blistering heat and daily pop-up thunderstorms in August and September are now just a somewhat distant memory.…
Author:Jamie Harrison

Sporting Clays: Golf with a Shotgun

Golf with a shotgun.” It’s a rather odd phrase to be muttered around the Lowcountry, seeing how the area is known for its world-class golf courses. That line is actually a common description of sporting clays—a form of clay pigeon target shooting. It’s a fun…
Author:Laura Jacobi

Modern Meets Minimalism

Bringing the outside “in” at Hampton Hall

17 Marchmont in Hampton Hall
Bluffton, South Carolina

Author:Special to CH2



Author:Special to CH2

Casual Outdoor Living

Home by Simply Southern Homebuilder, LLC

Author:Special to CH2

Budget Blinds of the Lowcountry: Celebrating a new showroom, new lines, and child safety

Window coverings date back to ancient Egypt when pharaohs and queens hid from the scorching desert sun, while lounging in the shade of luffing sheets of hand-woven linen and cotton. However, it wasn’t until London inventor Edward Bevan patented the first venetian blind in 1769…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Bruno Lanscape & Nursery

The Bruno Team (from left to right) Steven Bruno, Gary Bruno, Curtis Cornelius and Mark Nizolek There is a perennial gardener’s adage that goes, “First year they sleep; second year they creep; third year they leap.” Unlike planting trees, where strength and viability is determined by branches,…
Author:Kitty Bartell

Untying the Moon: A Novel .... A glittering debut

Ellen Malphrus is a publicist’s dream. An author who creates lyrical, nuanced sentences containing such beauty that I couldn’t wait to meet her. Who was this miner of word-gems? When we met, her hair was wild, her ideas original, and we sat for hours talking…
Author:Lynda Bouchard

Steps You Can Take to Prevent Suicide

Why would anyone want to take their own life? Ironically, the most common answers to this question are the same misconceptions that may cause people to misunderstand suicide and therefore miss the opportunity to save a life, perhaps the life of someone they love. According to…
Author:Kent Thune

Celebrating Bluffton: 11th Annual Historic Bluffton Arts & Seafood Festival

When National Geographic Traveler recommends our area and the Historic Bluffton Art & Seafood Festival (HBASF) as a must-see in their 2015 Best Trip picks, you know it’s a big deal. One reason for the recommendation is the Gullah Geechee history, prevalent in Beaufort County…
Author:Laura R. Wilson

Less is More: Get the most out of a small kitchen

Homes have reduced in size on average 250-350 square feet in the past five years, and that impact has carried over into the kitchen. Kitchens are still the heart of the home, and with recent economic conditions and a continued interest in sustainability, it has…
Author:Amy Dickson


When you are designing a space in your home, how often do you think about the space around things? When a room is empty, the natural human inclination for us is to fill the space. But filling the space with too many objects can ironically…
Author:Kent Thune

Ready to Sell? This is Your Action Plan

You’ve made the decision: You’re going to sell your home. Now you’re probably wondering where to go from here. Call real estate agents? Start putting fresh paint on the walls? Panic? Don’t stress. Let’s get your “market ready” action plan in place. Follow these four…
Author:Monica Davis

A Note From Our Mayors

A Note from David Bennett EVERY DAY There’s certainly something you do…every day. Every day, I wake up mindful of one primary objective as it relates to the Town of Hilton Head Island: to move our community toward a better future. Admittedly, some days are difficult, but I…
Author:David Bennett & Lisa Sulka

THE LIGHTHOUSE AWARDS: Lowcountry Homebuilders’ Night to Shine

Materials used in constructing a 1,700-square-foot, single family home: 9,726 board-feet of lumber; 4,614 square feet of sheathing; 243 square feet of plywood; 55 cubic yards of concrete; 2,528 square feet of exterior finish; 1,992 square feet of shingles; 2,500 square feet of insulation; 6,484…
Author:Kitty Bartell

C2 Fashion: Casual Autumn Saturdays

Yahada Side Long Dress – $50 Sita Murt Sweater – $220 Luciana Necklace – $125 All items from Luciana Booties by Aldo Kerisma Blake Tunic in Nude – $88 NYDJ Black Millie Ankle Pants – $110 Mia & Moss Denim Jacket – $130 Black Fringe Bag – $78 Dolce Vita Brannon in Leopard Calf…
Author:Kim Malloy

Home Alone: Learn to be content with your own company

“You cannot be lonely if you like the person you’re alone with.” — Elbert Hubbard

Author:Linda S. Hopkins

Celebrate A Spooktacular Week with these Haunted Events in October!

When: Saturday, October from 9 p.m.-2a.m. Where: Street Meet What: Street Meet’s 10-Year Anniversary & Halloween Party This October marks Street Meet’s tenth year in business. Costumes are highly encouraged and prizes will be given to the top three. DJ Wee Winn will be spinning tunes all night,…
Author:Special to CH2

Editor's Note

I still make that face on occasion, mostly when presented with shocking gossip or riding the Tower of Terror at Disney World. I’m not sure what the photographer was doing to inspire that expression, but it could not have been good. As the big 40…
Author:Maggie Washo

Distinctive Granite & Marble: Decorating with Stone Reaches New Heights

Not too long ago, using stone in your home meant looking at a small sample and picking out a granite countertop for the kitchen and another stone for the bathrooms. The choices were limited, applications uninspired and the looks predictable. Today, there’s been an explosion in…
Author:Andrea Antunes McGilton

Sky Bound: Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival & Concours d’Elegance adds new events

When Paul Doerring started Cars on the Creek (the predecessor to the Hilton Head Island Motoring Festival & Concours d’Elegance), it’s doubtful he ever imagined that the event would, one day, take to the sky. Heading into its fourteenth year, the Motoring Festival is all…
Author:Special to CH2

Why People Cheat

Jessica” had been with her husband for 10 years when she had an affair. “I was not looking to be unfaithful,” she began and then paused and looked down at her ringless hands. “I had been out with my husband. He decided to go home…
Author:Becca Edwards

The Powerful "Inherit the Wind" : Kicks off Arts Center’s 20th Anniversary Season

Launching the 20th Anniversary Season for the Arts Center of Coastal Carolina is the spellbinding play Inherit the Wind, with a cast that brings this profound work vibrantly to life on stage. Written by the award-winning playwrights Jerome Lawrence and Robert E. Lee, Inherit the…
Author:Andrea Gannon

Why We Stay

I can still remember “walking” up the three flights of stairs, on my rear end, to my office in the renovated Officer’s Quarters on Sandy Hook, dragging my casted leg, and my crutches. Like it was yesterday, I can see myself stopping at the first…
Author:Courtney Hampson

Polo Lowcountry Style

An ice cold drink in your hand. The Lowcountry sun shaded by your large brim hat. The smell of the fresh cut fields. The sound of the ponies galloping in the background. The excitement of the impending match. A myriad of food options surrounding you,…
Author:Emily Campbell

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