C2's Women In Business: Hargray

856 Wm. Hilton Parkway – HHI
1.877.HARGRAY (427.4729)

Carrie Clark, Human Resources Manager, Hargray

Carrie Clark is passionate about Hargray and the Lowcountry community. At work, she strives to help Lowcountry locals develop as professionals, and she helps to foster a positive work environment. Outside of Hargray, she is equally committed to people’s success. As President of the Lowcountry Human Resources Association and an active member of the Society for Human Resources Management, Clark is dedicated to helping locals further their careers and attain their professional goals
“A large part of my work entails helping people gain employment. I ensure that they have the tools they need to perform their best on the job,” Carrie commented. “It’s very gratifying.”

Elizabeth Renfroe, Payment Services Supervisor

Elizabeth Renfroe loves her job. To outsiders, the idea of working with customers in challenging financial situations might seem daunting, but for Elizabeth, those responsibilities get her out of bed every morning. A survivor of a life-threatening illness, she appreciates that extenuating circumstances can and do affect people’s lives, and she enjoys lending a helping hand. Brainstorming solutions and tailoring those solutions to fit each client’s unique needs provides her with the opportunity to make a tangible difference in the lives of Hargray’s customers.
Working towards a brighter future for the Lowcountry comes naturally to Elizabeth. A vocal proponent for breast cancer awareness, she is a member of the Carolina Cups board. When asked how she manages so many demanding challenges, Elizabeth was characteristically cheerful.
“‘Love what you do’ is my motto. In everything I take on, I find a way to love it no matter how hard it is.”

Lila Konecny, Major Account Manager

Lila Konecny has a talent for conversation. Whether discussing her love of salt water or challenging a friend to a wolf whistling contest, Lila is passionate, charming and vivacious. She is also multi-talented, teaching fitness classes when she’s not networking with local businesses.
Throughout her thirteen year career at Hargray, Lila has worked in a number of positions, handling everything from telephone book distribution to graphic design to managing major business accounts. A voracious reader, Konecny credits her range of skills to an inquisitive nature and a flexible mind.
“I love to learn,” she stated. “And I love building camaraderie with local businesses. I understand their needs because I live and work here too. You become a partner in their success, and it’s the most rewarding part of my job.”

Jamila Days, Lead Plant Coordinator

Jamila Days works at the heart of Hargray’s day-to-day operations. She ensures that Hargray’s technicians reach their destinations quickly and efficiently, scheduling and dispatching technicians to install new services, mend damaged facilities or correct equipment issues. A Hargray veteran, her eighteen year tenure helps her to apply a variety of skills to manage the hectic schedules of nearly 100 technicians. It is a high-stakes position, one where she must understand everything from network technology to numerous service order systems. Jamila takes the pressure in stride.
“There’s never a dull moment,” Jamila noted. “It’s exhilarating.”

Rachelle Etheridge, Director of Accounting

Rachelle Etheridge doesn’t fit the profile of a stereotypical accountant. She’s animated and affable. She balances an accountant’s keen eye for details with a comedian’s lively wit.
Most of all, she loves a good challenge. A mother of three, Rachelle balances the joys and responsibilities of marriage and motherhood with the pressures of her position as Director of Accounting. A dedicated employee, Rachelle often voluntarily works long hours hunched over paperwork, away from her family. But for all of her hard work, Etheridge is just as devoted to her loved ones.
“I work hard, and I play hard. I put 110% into everything I do. That’s my calculation for happiness,” she remarked with a smile. “I’m an accountant. I should know.”